Alex Pongetti
  1. Alex Pongetti
  2. Profession

    Private Gym Owner, Trainer, and Sports Nutritionist (Studying in Biological Engineering for future career)
  3. Age

  4. Hometown

    Hamilton, ON
  5. Biography

    I was put into the sports life at a very young age, starting with soccer. Through the years of 10 - currently 30, fitness has never left my life. At the age of 14 I was captain of a Provincial Level Soccer team, at age 16 and 17 i was a provincial powerlifting champion while playing football for 2 championship teams at Westdale Secondary. I then was invited to play for the McMaster Marauders OUA Football Team for 3years, at the age of 22 - 24 I tested my luck at Skeleton and Bobsleigh. For a promising season before Olympic Trials I had posted World Cup Elite numbers in every strength category heading into Team Canada Testing, suffering an injury which removed me from the season. A year or two later I started CrossFit and my first Open of 2016 finishing roughly 563rd in Canada East, 3 years later in the 2019 Open I finished 53rd in Canada and 685th in the World.


    Although sports dominate my demeanor, I am an animal lover and videogame nerd at heart with a serious sense for adventure.
     If there are mountains, I will go! If there is a stray animal, I will rescue it and try to find it a home!, and if there is 90's - 2000s Video game nostalgia, I am there! Tetris high score 147466 Level 14? NES of course.


    I am inspired by a growth mindset, there have been multiple setbacks in my life with regards to injury and sport. If I were to list my ailments you would somehow wonder how I have managed to keep such a high track record with sports, and it comes down to my pure determination to never quit. I have tattooed on my right arm "I have suffered defeat, pain, loss, still I push to the edge never falter". My growth mindset also pushes me towards higher goals outside of the fitness realm. I hold a B.a. from McMaster University and Honours diploma in Firefighting, CF-L1, Sports Nutritionist Certificate among others, and currently working towards an Honours in Biological Technology.


    When it comes to a favourite quote, there are hundreds to choose from that inspire and motivate me.
    Julius Caesar - "It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience"
    I strive to be the 1%, I have no reason not to.


    I asked to become a sponsored athlete to represent a Canadian brand and a company that I believe is in the business for the right reasons. The team associated with JAKTRX has been kind and understanding of their athletes and treats them well. Their athletes are also some of the best this country has to offer, and I want to be a part of the best.