Deanna Posey
  1. Deanna Posey
  2. Profession

    Hair Stylist
  3. Age

  4. Hometown

    Blue Mountains, ON
  5. Biography

    Hi, I'm Deanna. I'm a two-time CrossFit Games masters athlete CrossFit from Blue Mountains, Ontario. I have a wonderful husband, one amazing son, two cats and a nine month old puppy. 


    Before CrossFit I was big into rock climbing and travelled with my family to many different rock climbing areas! I love the summer and most outdoor activities as well as board and card games and Netflix (of course). 


    I’m extremely competitive and I like to win! I really get motivated by my progress, and I strive to be a little better everyday. I’m talking about nutritionally, mentally and physically. I want to to feel better, look better, perform better, be more confident and most of all enjoy the journey, savour the success, and learn from my mistakes. That motivates me to show up and work hard. I believe you get out what you put in!


    Fun fact: CrossFit is my favourite sport. I started CrossFit for the first time when I was 6 months pregnant!