Jamie Nugent
Founder and VP of Marketing and Branding

Jamie has been involved in the industry of wellness and nutrition for over 15 years. His uncanny ability to reach athletes on a personal level has garnered him the respect of peers within the industry. His charisma and vision has led to the birth of JAKTRX. Jamie is a respected and published writer and considered a well versed expert and Certified CrossFit Trainer, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. Jamie worked for over ten years for the global leader in sports nutrition, Iovate Health Sciences. Throughout this time he was involved in helping formulate products, athlete weight-loss transformations and was responsible for over 35 co-workers in various leadership roles.Jamie has continued to grow as an established Head Coach and Programmer for elite CrossFit athletes in the team, masters and individual divisions and is an established recognizable name in Strength and Conditioning within the community and beyond. Jamie has opened up several business developments with existing CrossFit establishments, and helped JAKTRX develop into a CrossFit Household name, from the ground up.

Tate Postnikof

An advocate for the customer, Tate brings a product management background to the group. In addition to being a business professional, Tate has been in the fitness industry for 20+ years, CrossFIT for 9 years, powerlifting, and currently specializing in Olympic Weightlifting with one of North America's premiere coaches. Tate competed, in the sport of Crossfit at the national level in 2009 attending the Crossfit Regionals for Canada West. As one of the founding members and president of CompWOD and JAKTRX, Tate has helped focus the efforts and motivation to get CompWOD and JAKTRX brands recognized across Canada and in other parts of the world. 

Andrij Kotowych (@thedrij)
Director of Athlete Relations

Andrij aka Drij is a strong believer in the well being of people and athletes alike. Years ago, Drij alongside other members of the JAKTRX team were standing around the squat rack wondering, “What if there was something designed for what we do?” and then the wheels started to spin and JAKTRX was born. With a number of Crossfit
Competitions that comes with his experience, Andrij finds himself with an athletes first approach, gaining great relations with athletes around the region, nation wide and growing internationally. Community is one of the main aspects of the growing sport of CrossFit. The community is what drives the athletes and people to become better and want to success further with their athletic aspirations and well-being. With these relations it helps to better understand the wants and needs of individuals in order for them to succeed.

Kevin Fraser (@kevofevo)
Director of Sales

Kevin handles all things sales within JAKTRX, ranging from affiliate sales, online sales and event management and sponsorship. A big advocate of the bench press, Kevin has been involved in the CrossFit scene for almost 10 years, which makes him a borderline OG. A one time Regional athlete, Kevin has evolved into a weekend warrior, throwing down with friends and coaches at his local box. His passion for fitness, health, nutrition and sales, has helped shape the JAKTRX brand into a leading supplement company within the CrossFit and sporting communities. If you happen to see Kevin at an event and want spark a conversation, just bring up baseball or beer and he's all ears!

Stephen Brown

Stephen is a management executive with over 25 years of experience building businesses and closing deals. Stephen has 17 years of senior experience in the Nutrition industry and has led a team of over 100 employees in one of the world’s largest nutritional supplement companies (Iovate Health Sciences Inc.) where revenues were in excess of 500MM. Responsibilities in this capacity included a 200 MM budget product development, operations, project management, research manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, forecasting and demand planning, inventory management, procurement, quality assurance and control, packaging structure and graphics, intellectual property sourcing and negotiation and also acted as a member of the executive team. During his tenure at Iovate revenues grew by more than 500% and Stephen controlled an operating budget of up to 200MM. With all of this experience and as a life-long fitness and health enthusiast he is considered to be an expert in the nutrition industry.